Mark Szabo

The Microsoft Student Partner posy “when technology becomes absolute passion” is totally true for me.
Information Technology is my life. I love programming, learning about cutting-edge technologies, teaching Computer Science, talking about the future. I am very interested in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
Ray Kurzweil was one of the biggest influencers on my image of the future, and I would like to take part in the creation of this future.

“Our technology, our machines, is part of our humanity. We created them to extend ourselves, and that is what is unique about human beings.”

Ray Kurzweil



After a year as a Microsoft Student Partner, from October 2016 I am the Microsoft Student Partner Program Lead in Hungary. I'm responsible for everything in connection with the 37 Hungarian MSP.


There was not any proper book to learn from to the advanced level Information Technology GCSE. Therefore I wrote one, and shared to be useful for other students in the country... It's available on Google Play Books or you can download it easily.


The Hungarian League Against Cancer was established in 1990, and their corporate identity needed redesigning. I was offered an IT manager position, and I shaped a whole new identity including the website, logo design, etc.


I was at a hackathon and one of the projects was to cretate an innovative app. In Hungary there is a web app with which you can prepare for the Road Traffic Regulation test. However this app is running on Flash, and as a result, it is not supported on mobil phones. So I created an app for it.


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